ignoranimus asked:

What does the lazer arm symbolise? I mean, the answer could be that there's no subtext or aesop to this comic, it's just an enjoyable non sequitur, but I figured I could ask.

Hi there! The story was something I had been thinking about for a couple of years. It was originally an idea for my third year student film. So the meaning behind the lasers changed a lot and was used as a metaphor for several different things. Mainly, I always saw it as representing an outburst of frustration when trying to restrain your emotions. But really I wanted it to be open to interpretation.

deeeecho asked:

I love ur self-portrait sketchbook! It's so interesting to see each sketch and differences from one to the other!

Haha thank you! It’s weird for me looking back at that video. It makes me nostalgic for high school. I can still specifically remember drawing most of the portraits.

golookatmyotherblog asked:

Hey there! I really like your blog! Can you tell me what program you animate in? Is it TVPaint perhaps? I'm looking for something that will allow me to have lineart that looks more like traditional art and that's my best choice so far. :/

Hey thanks, I really appreciate that! To answer your question, most of the animation I post on my blog was done in Flash. I use it just because I learned it in high school, and it’s the software I’m most familiar with. I like to experiment with the smoothing function on the brush tool when cleaning drawings. I usually have it set at 64, and I draw with a more wobbly/scratchy line than I do working traditionally in order to give it texture. I hope that makes sense.